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Dr. Bijnya Panda

Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology surgeon

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  • Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology surgeon
  • Qualification: MBBS and post graduation from S.C.B Medical College and Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Cuttack.
  • Sub speciality fellowship in Oculoplasty, Orbit and Ocular Oncology in the prestigious Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai.
  • FAICO in Oculoplasty surgery in 2019 by the AIOS.
Worked experience
  • Interest and expertise include diseases of the Eyelids, Orbits and Lacrimal system.
  • Expertise on diagnosing and managing difficult tumor conditions like Retinoblastoma and other Orbital tumors.
  • Expert in facial aesthetic procedures around the eye including surgical and non surgical procedures for the cure of drooping eyelid, in turned eye lids, protruding eyeballs or bag under the eye, botox & fillers and management of teary or watery eye due to pathologies of the lacrimal drainage system.