Eye Care and Diagnostic Facilities

  • Autorefractometers and Nidek phoropter
  • Shin-Nippon NCT, I-care and Applanation Tonometer
  • Imaging with Topcon and Appasamy Digital Camera
  • Corneal mapping with Pentacam and Anterion HD Imaging OCT
  • Aberrometry and topography with Huvitz Refractometer and Topolyser Vario
  • Optical biometry with Ziess IOL master 700 and Anterion (Heidelberg) with 5th generation formulae
  • Topcon Specular Microscopy
  • Dry eye Assesment with OSA
  • Topcon Angio OCT and Spectralis Swept source OCT
  • A Scan, B Scan and UBM
  • YAG Laser
  • Ziess Argon Laser, Iridex Micropulse Multi spot Laser
  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyser
  • Remidio Non midriatic Fundus Camera
  • Diopsys Nova ERG and VER electrophysiology testing
  • Iridex Diode laser cyclophotocoagulator and SLT laser
  • Cataract Surgical stations- Centurion (Alcon), Signature Pro and Intuitive (Johnson and Johnson)
  • Constellation (Alcon) Vitrectomy System
  • High resolution Microscopes - Lumera I (Carl Ziess) OMS 710 (Topcon)
  • Collagen Crosslinking C3R laser
  • Eye lite Phototherapy for Dry eye
  • Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 120 - for bloodless eye surgery
  • Wavelight EX 500 Excimer Laser (Alcon) for Contura LASIK
  • Moria SBK II Microkeratome

URK-800F(Auto Refractor/Keratometer)

  • An autorefractor/keratometer is a computer-controlled machine used during an eye examination to provide an objective measurement of a person's refractive error and corneal curvature.
  • 20° Tilted 7.0 Wide” Color Touch LCD Monitor
  • Electric Powered Chin Rest
  • Convenient Lock Knob
  • Automatic cutting printer


  • ANTERION provides high-resolution anterior segment examinations and measurements.
  • A single workflow-efficient solution that brings together corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement and IOL calculation to transform the day-to-day routines in cataract and refractive surgery as well as cornea and glaucoma diagnostics.
  • It is based on the Imaging App for a high-resolution visualization of the entire anterior segment, and adjusts to various clinical needs featuring three optional applications: Cornea App, Cataract App, and Metrics App.

IOL Master 700

  • The first optical biometer integrated SWEPT Source OCT technology into biometry to create the first SWEPT Source Biometry.
  • Allows directly measure the posterior corneal surface giving total keratometry value.
  • Total Keratometry has the potential to reduce refractive surprises to a minimum.
  • Its patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan such as tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens, can be detected.


  • Tear scope identify the type of DED (Dry Eye Disease) and determine which deficient layers can be treated with a specific treatment.
  • It allows to quantify directly and indirectly each single layer
  • Gives an Individual analysis of lacrimal layers that allow with a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition.
  • It is possible to identify which layer of the tear film is affected (lipid, aqueous or mucin) and to adapt the treatment accordingly.

Specular Microscope

  • Topcon specular microscope, SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency.
  • This specular microscope automatically centers, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image. 
  • It has wide angle “panorama” photography mode: Gives quick automatic measurement & analysis.
  • Instant acquisition of the analysis result.
  • A pleomorphic / polymegethic histogram can be shown with color
  • Compact design,10.4” rotatable touch panel monitor.

Humphrey Field Analyzer

  • Humphrey Field Analyzer is the premier automated visual field perimeter.
  • HFA is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management.
  • The HFA is the only perimeter with progression analysis validated in the Early Manifest Glaucoma.
  • Helps in early glaucoma detection, enhanced exam reliability, with Practice and patient friendly design.

Optical Coherence Tomography

  • Topcon is the first in the world to introduce a combined anterior & posterior Swept Source OCT, the DRI OCT Triton.
  • The DRI OCT Triton incorporates full color high resolution fundus photography and FA & FAF imaging
  • Swept Source technology & 1,050nm wave length
  • The world’s fastest scanning speed 100,000 A-Scans/second
  • Better penetration, Wide and deep scans, Time efficiency - create one single overview
  • Multi modal fundus imaging, New tracking system, Anterior segment analysis


  • The Spectralis is an ophthalmic imaging platform with an upgradable, modular design.
  • This platform allows clinicians to configure each SPECTRALIS to the specific diagnostic workflow in the practice or clinic.
  • Multimodal Imaging Platform Optimized for the Posterior Segment.
  • Multimodal imaging options include: OCT, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultra-widefield, scanning .
  • It provides  Glaucoma Module Premium Edition, Multicolor Module, Blue peak Module, Wide field imaging, Ultra wide field imaging Module.

Dri OCT Triton

  • The DRI OCT Triton combined anterior & posterior Swept Source OCT incorporates with full color high resolution fundus photography and FA & FAF imaging.
  • It Provides fastest scanning, Better penetration, Wide and deep scans, Invisible scan lines, Multi modal fundus imaging, Anterior segment analysis.
  • It has more confident initial diagnosis and ability to track change over time, Greater clinical efficiency, Greater patient comfort,Single scan capture of comprehensive data.

Topcon Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera

  • It offers a truly versatile camera capable of non-mydriatic colour, red free and fluorescein angiography.
  • It is available in 30° and 45° angle available
  • It offers Colour, red free & fluorescein with Wide 85° angle of coverage with internal fixation.
  • Gives Auto-focus & auto-shoot, Panoramic overview with optional mosaic module.
  • It has Small pupil capability down to 3.3m with stereo photography.

B Scan/UBM

  • It Incorporates with A Scan, B Scan with UBM.
  • Available with 10 MHZ A-scan probe with LED fixation with 12MHZ solid B Scan probe for high resolution posterior segment Diagnosis.
  • Also available as optional probes 10MHZ and 20MHZ for B Scan.
  • The UBM probe & Transducers available with 35MHz and 50MHz Transducers for high resolution anterior segment Diagnosis.
  • Standoff set is available for Contact method in UBM which is very useful for any infected cases.
  • Scan/freeze control by foot switch for user convenient.

Diopsys ERG/VEP

  • ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems allow you to perform multiple visual electrophysiology tests right Clinical practice.
  • Customize your chosen platform with one or all of our advanced visual electrophysiology modules.
  • Protocols available for objectively evaluating cone and ganglion cell function, localized retinal function, evaluating ganglion cell function and objectively evaluating the function of the entire visual pathway.

Oculus Pentacam

  • Pentacam is a rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. It measures topography and elevation of the anterior and posterior corneal surface and the corneal thickness. The Pentacam allows customized and objective standardized evaluation of corneal optical densitometry.
  • It is displayed as a color coded map over its full depth and area and can be assessed individually in different layers and zones. The respective layer depth and zone size are displayed in the two Scheimpflug images as well as in a colored or a grey scaled map.

Twinstar YAG and SLT Combo

  • Yag laser Integrated with Compact Model Slit Lamp
  • Unmatched Precision and Power
  • Focus Shift Option Available
  • Facilitates 2 Lasers and Three Treatments
  • Ergonomic Design

IRIDEX IQ 532 Laser

  • New Micropulse Laser Therapy provides repeatable, tissue-sparing for glaucoma and retinal therapies.
  • Having high power for greater range of therapy alternatives.
  • Dual port for efficient setup of alternate delivery devices.
  • Repeatable laser sessions for retinal diseases with optional MicroPulse module.
  • In House Opticals
  • In House Pharmacy
  • In House Patholab
  • Ac & Non Ac Room
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